the alliances

What is Alliance?

After reaching the required player level, players may choose to join/create an Alliance. Alliances are groups of players that share certain goals and benefits. Alliances have their own screen in the game menu.

Why is it good to be an Alliance member?

Being a part of an Alliance comes with lots of benefits. Members of an alliance can exchange cards between them. Players in an alliance can also battle between themselves, share strategies and tactics.


Alliances also have the opportunity to compete against other alliances in “Alliance Wars”
The battles they participate in during the period of the war are crucial. After the war is over, the winning alliance can claim a reward.

What the Alliances wage wars for?

Alliances compete against each other based on their Alliance score in leaderboards - Global and Country.
Alliances also participate in “Alliance Wars” where they compete against another Alliance close to their battle skills to earn great rewards both individually and collectively.


How are alliance victory points calculated?

Alliance score is a value derived from alliance members’ Victory Points and is used to rank alliances in the alliance leaderboard. Alliance score is calculated using a weighted total that encourages 10-20 players to group without pressuring the alliance to keep the number of members maxed. The weights are displayed in the table on the right. By weighting the stats in this manner we also quickly boost the score of new alliances, encouraging new alliances with quick growth. 

What Alliance Tournaments are available?

Alliance Wars - Alliances automatically enter in war with another alliance close to their skills.
During the war every War Tag won in a regular battle is counted towards the alliances’ current war score. The alliance which collects more War Tags wins the war. The period in which alliances can collect War Tags is 48h.

At the end of the war, members from the victorious clan have 24hours to claim their reward.The losing alliance doesn’t get anything. In the case of a draw both alliances leave the war with no reward.

How to create an Alliance?

Alliances are unlocked once a player has reached level 3. Once a player has reached level 3 they can access the alliance menu at the bottom of the screen. There they can Browse between existing alliances or choose to create their own alliance.
Players can then choose the name of their new alliance , type of recruitment , requirements to join, Location and other settings. After all the settings have been completed players will have to pay a small price of 1000 gold to create their new alliance.


How to invite players into my Alliance?

To invite a player to an alliance you must access that players profile. If that player is not already a part of an alliance and can be recruited - a “Invite to Alliance” button will appear at the top of the screen, right below their Tier / Vp. Pressing this button will send an invitation to the player that he can accept/refuse.

How to change my Alliance name?

The name of the alliance cannot be changed after creation. Choose wisely!

How to leave an Alliance?


Access the alliance menu - then go to tab “Stats” - expand the menu by pressing “More” - a few options will appear - Select “Leave”.