your army

What is a Deck?


A deck is a set of cards that players use within a match. Each deck is constructed outside of matches using cards that the player owns.


A deck consists of four troops and eight tactics.

Players can have 3 decks and they can choose which one to use in battle

What are Tactics?

Tactics are cards you can use in Battle. They serve different purposes. Some provide support for troops on the battlefield, some can be used as tactical obstacles or some can be used to directly cause damage to the enemy. They have 4 different rarities “Common”,”Uncommon”,”Rare”,”Heroic” and can be upgraded.

Tactics utilize the supply resource, and each tactic has a supply cost that must be paid in order to play it. 

What are Troops?

Troops are cards you can use in Battle. They serve different purposes as well. They can provide support , some can occupy the capture points or directly damage enemy troops and buildings. They have 4 different rarities “Common”,”Uncommon”,”Rare”,”Heroic” and can be upgraded.

Troops utilize the supply resource, and each troop has a supply cost that must be paid in order to play it. 

What is Supply?

“Supply” is the resource that is used to deploy Troops and Tactics on the battlefield. It is equally generated for both players. However there are a few cards that can affect it.
Players each have ten supply slots and start with five supply.

What is Training Camp?


Training Camp is a place where players can try out different strategies, troops, tactics and OPS they have in a battle against an AI opponent.

Which Troops and Tactics should I choose?


Choosing Troops/Tactics can be tricky. As players progress through the tier system they will unlock new cards which will probably find a spot in their deck. The best option is to try out the cards you have in the Training Camp - build your deck and then play against players.

What are the Mercenaries?

The Mercenaries are special cards available to players for a limited number of  games. Every mercenary has a specific level and a set number of games they can be used in.
Mercenaries can be acquired from a tab in the Shop - ‘Mercenary Deals’

What is Level?

Each time a player advances the level of a card, they gain player experience points (player xp) that contribute to advancing player level.

A player’s player level governs the strength of their Base and Bunker building statistics. These buildings advance in power by enhancing their hit points and damage.

Players will also unlock new in-game features as they level up:
Alliances at Level 3
Ops at Level 4
Challenges at Level 6

2.Card LEVEL

Whenever a card advances in level, certain stats (variable by card) improve.

What is Gold used for?

Gold can be used to purchase individual cards which rotate in and out of the shop, hire mercenaries, buy upgrades from the base, or Upgrade a card.

What are Gems used for?

Gems can be used to purchase gold, chests in the shop and to finish upgrades in the base. 

What is Prestige and how Prestige Points are calculated?


Prestige points are given on Season Reset. Any player that has more than 1000 VP will receive prestige points equal to the difference between their VP and 1000.

What is a Season?


A Season is the timespan between leaderboard resets. At the beginning of a season we do balance changes to the troops and tactics. We also post the balance changes and announce any new features and modules in an article on our blog.