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What is the Player’s Profile?

The players profile shows general information and stats about the player. Information such as: Players Name, Alliance , rank in the Alliance , Wins and more stats.
Orders, Medals and Ribbons for all their achievements and the deck they use.

What is the Leaderboard?

The leaderboards show the names and current scores of the leading competitors (Players or Alliances). The players/alliance compete with their victory points. Meaning the players/alliance with the most VP will lead the leaderboard. 

What System Options are available?


In the Options menu players can adjust and configure many options. Options such as Volume, Power saving mode, Connectivity , Languages (players can choose from 22 different supported languages). Players can also chose to change their tactic deployment in-game disabling “Red zone tactics”

What is the Base?


Players over 800 Victory Points get access to the ‘Base’ feature. It can be accessed by clicking on the ‘Base’ button on the home screen. 


Players get access to a list of buildings each one of them is specialized in a specific field.
There they can upgrade different attributes and strengthen their army.

What are the Boxes?


Boxes are a way to obtain cards and gold needed to upgrade your army and tactics. There are different boxes in  Siege: World War II. Some can be bought, while others need to be earned.
The rewards inside a box depends on the rarity/difficulty to obtain the box.

What are the Ops?

Ops are a collection of unlockable abilities that can be used once per match to turn the tide of battle in your favor. Players can enter the battle with up to three Ops, but use only one of them against the enemy. Ops that are brought into battle can be used at any time after the first minute of the match. Once an Ops is used in a battle it goes on a lengthy cooldown that can be reset with currency or waited out.

There are 12 Ops to unlock and upgrade each Season. Ops Points are used to do so.
Players gain 1 Ops Point for each medal they earn in a battle.

Ops are a seasonal game mechanic. At the season reset all ops will be reset 

What is my Rank?

The game has nine tiers through which players progress. Players start at Tier 1 and progress to Tier 9 by meeting Victory Point (VP) thresholds. VPs are obtained by winning matches but also lost by losing matches. By climbing up the tiers players have the opportunity to unlock new/better cards

Prestige Tires:
After the normal tiers - there are three Prestige Ranks, which are themselves divided into three levels each (III, II, and I). Just like in normal tiers, players progress through Prestige Tiers by earning Victory Points and overcoming each Prestige Tier or rank’s VP threshold.

At the end of each season, players are awarded a Prestige Chest containing gold and card rewards based on their current Prestige Rank.

What happens when I press the Battle button?

After pressing the battle button an opponent will be found that is close to your battle skills.
After your opponent has been found you will go into battle. 

What is Card of the Day?

Card of the day is chosen by the players. Every day players can choose from 3 cards , the card that gets the most votes is declared the next card of the day. The card of the day receives a +2 level boost meaning in-game it will spawn 2 level higher than what players have.