First steps


SIEGE: World War II is a PVP strategy game where you play head-to-head duels against real players from all over the world. Make strategic decisions, lead military operations and withstand the tough competition to top the seasonal leaderboards.

Do I have to pay money to play SIEGE: WORLD WAR II?

No. SIEGE: World War II is a free-to-play game you can download and start playing.
There are in-app purchases that can speed up your progress and help the game stay free to play.

What to do, after I log into the game?

1.The short in-game tutorial will give you all the basic skills you need to play the game.
It is up to you to choose your strategy and lead your troops to Victory.

2.In-game you have to decide which cards you want to equip in your deck and then go into battle to compete against other players, climb the tiers and unlock new cards.


How to choose cards?

Players can have up to 8 Tactics and 4 Troops in each deck. To Equip a card you have to select it from the “Available Tactics” or “Reserve Troops” sections in the Army tab , then press USE and select a card you want to replace , or an empty space in your deck if you happen to have one.

How to engage in my first battle?


After Completing the tutorial you can go straight into a game by pressing the “Battle” button in the main screen/tab (“Camp” tab).


What is Bunker?

In the battlefield each player has 2 Bunkers and a Base. The goal of the game is to destroy the opposing players’ bunkers and base while protecting your own.


What is Medal?


Medals are given to players for destroying a bunker. A game with 1 bunker destroyed will provide 1 medal, a game with 2 enemy bunkers destroyed will give you  2 medals, whereas a victory where you have destroyed the enemy's base will award you with 5 medals.


What are Victory Points?


Victory points show your progress in the game. They are points you win/lose after a battle. In case of a draw you also lose points.
The VP you win/lose depend on the skill of your opponent.
Victory points are what you need to accumulate to climb the tiers and unlock more cards.


How to improve my cards?


To upgrade a card you need to collect the needed gold and amount of cards needed for the next level first. You can then upgrade a card by selecting it and clicking the “UPGRADE” button.


What to do after my first game?

After your first game you might want to try out different cards/deck setups to find the strategy that best suits your style. Go into more battles to earn chests and keep collecting cards and gold to upgrade your deck.

What are Capture points?

Capture points are buildings in the middle of the battlefield that are neutral and can be occupied by certain troops. Once occupied they expand the tactical territory (the field on which tactics can be deployed)