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Conflict Points and War Tags

What are Conflict Points and War Tags?

Conflict Points and War Tags will be the new way by which the winner of each tournament will be decided in respectively Conflict of Nations and Alliance Wars. Each medal won in a battle will be multiplied by a coefficient depending on the player’s tier. The change will come into effect with the beginning of Season 18.

Why are we doing this?

Recently a notable amount of players have intentionally occupied the lower tiers despite the fact that they were having decks which could put them much higher. This was done by intentionally losing games so that they could drop in the leaderboards and win easier medals afterwards against players who stood no chance.We believe that players from different tiers will have different contributions and the effort to climb the leaderboard will be rewarded. This is why the earned medals will be converted to either Conflict Points or War Tags according to players’ tier.

We also believe that the change will have a positive effect on matchmaking and will lead to more equal battles where players with similar levels of cards will play against each other.

Where will be the new changes implemented?

The new changes will affect only Conflict of Nations and Alliance Wars. The way medals are collected for the Alliance box and Victory box will remain unchanged.

How is it calculated?

The coefficient by which players of different tiers will be calculated are as follows:

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