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Expeditions & Perks

What are expeditions and how do they work?

1. Expeditions are a new PvE feature, where players can earn new resources and find perks. This feature will be available for players above 500VP. Expeditions can be found under Events in a new tab called ‘Expeditions’. Players can send their cards out on expeditions, in order to earn new resources and get perks.

How successful an expedition will be depends on the Army Dominance. It is calculated based on the level and rarity of the cards which the player chooses to use. Higher Army Dominance will result in better rewards. However, the higher the difficulty of the expedition is, the harder it will be to reach a high Army Dominance score.

2. Each expedition has certain cards, which are required in order to start the expedition.

There are four difficulties, which unlock at different VP. The first one unlocks with the module - at 500VP, the second - 1000VP, the third - 1500VP and the fourth at 2500VP. Higher difficulty expeditions take more time to complete.

3.Upon 100% Army Dominance, players have a bonus drop chance for perks. The higher the difficulty of the expedition, the better the rewards.

When an expedition is successfully completed, players can claim their rewards from the expeditions screen.

4. Players will still be able to use their cards in battle, even if they ‘send them out’ on an expedition. However, if one card is used in an expedition, it can’t be used in another one at the same time.

What are perks and how do they work?

1. Тhe Perks can be found on each card, upon pressing the ‘Add Perk’ button, the player is taken to the Perks screen. To use the perks, players have to equip them in a slot of the card. They affect the stats of the card by adding a bonus to them.*

2. The perks have four rarities, much like the cards in the game - Common, Uncommon, Rare, Heroic. Each rarity gives a different number of bonus stats: Common - one bonus stat, Uncommon - two bonus stats, Rare - three bonus stats, Heroic - four

bonus stats. Additional bonuses unlock at different levels of the perk: Second bonus - level 5 ; Third bonus - Level 10 ; Fourth and final bonus - Level 20. These additional stats can appear at different starting % bonuses: Second stats - between 1% - 5%; Third stats - between 1% -10% ; Fourth stats - between 1% - 20%.

3.Perks can be upgraded, by using the resources from expeditions - Ammunition, Paper, Coal and Metal. Depending on the rarity of the perk, it requires different types of resources in order to upgrade it to the next level.

4. Perks of different rarities have a different maximum level. Rarer Perks can be upgraded further.

The slot of each card can be upgraded, in order to place а perk of higher rarity. Each slot can be upgraded 3 times. If the player has perks, which they won’t use, they can simply break them and get Scraps. (The resource is used in upgrading the slot for the perks.)

5. * If the card doesn’t have the stats, which the perk has, it will not have an effect on the card and its performance ingame. If the stat is incompatible with the card, a small sign will appear next to the stat.

6. There will be a free box with resources and perks available in the shop, under the new ‘Perks’ tab, alongside other boxes with materials and runes.

We believe that this module will bring more interesting battles, new strategies and more varied gameplay to the players.

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