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February 2020 Patch Notes


Matchmaking improvement - Rebalancing of the matchmaking mechanics.

Red zone tactics deployment - We heard your opinion and we are making changes. We are adding an option for you, where you can choose to play with the previous functionality of the tactic deployment or stick with the changes made. Just go to your “Options” tab and either opt-in or opt-out at the “Red zone tactics” field.

Tips and Tricks - Do you want to become a better player? We are going to help you with that. Make sure to read all the tips and tricks which will be presented on the screen while you are waiting to find the right opponent for your game.

News field - Now you will be able to see directly in your “Base” screen everything regarding upcoming events and tempting shop promotions.

Various minor improvements - New battle interface, graphic improvements of some of the maps, changes in the player profile, user experience optimization and bug fixes will be included in the new release.

If you are still not seeing the new features, go to Google Play/ Apple App Store and update your app.

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