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Season 13 Arrives!


Season Reset

Welcome to Season 13! As with all season resets, the current leaderboard has been frozen and a new seasonal leaderboard begins.

All ops are locked again, but all unspent Op from last season will roll over to this season! Bonus Op Points based on the Prestige Tier you achieved during the last season have been awarded.

Certain Ops have been cycled around in the Ops ranks. Op rank requirements and rank rewards have been updated.

A brand new card has been added to the Legend Tier. Each of the cards currently available in Prestige Tiers have dropped down one Tier: Legend into Conqueror, Conqueror into Guardian, and Guardian into its designated unlock point in the lower Tiers.

All players in Prestige Tiers (Guardian III Tier and above) have been awarded a Prestige Box based on the highest Prestige Tier achieved during the season and their Victory Points have been reset to predefined amounts (as designated on the Tier screen).

The competition begins anew! Rise to the top of the Leaderboards and unlock unreleased cards in the Prestige Tiers!


CarD Added:

Added to Legend Tier:

Universal Heroic

  • Universal Card

  • Added to Legend Tier

  • Heroic rarity

  • This card can be turned in to any Heroic Card that you have unlocked!


Ops Rotation:

Rank 1 OPS:

  • Rally Troops

  • Inspired Tactics

  • Heroism

  • Rank Full Upgrade Reward: 1 Giant Box!


  • Armor Plating

  • Recruit

  • Call to Arms

  • Rank Full Upgrade Reward: 6000 Gold!


  • Incinerate

  • Airborne Division

  • Barbed Field

  • Rank Full Upgrade Reward: 1 Veteran Box!


  • Blitzkrieg

  • Bolster Defenses

  • Reinforce

  • Rank Full Upgrade Reward: 350 Gems!




Bombing Run

  • Increased Infantry Damage from 250 to 300

  • We’re boosting Bombing Run’s infantry damage to make its effectiveness more versatile when properly timed.


Barbed wire

  • Increased Infantry Damage from 80 to 100

  • Barbed Wire still can’t finish off many infantry units caught within it. We’re increasing its damage to solve this problem.



  • Decreased Infantry Damage from 1250 to 1150

  • Decreased Building and Vehicle Damage from 2500 to 2300

  • Another minor damage adjustment that we feel will better put the Howitzer in line with other tactics.


Machine Gun Nest

  • Increased Attack Range from 12.8 to 13.8

  • We’ve increased the attack range of the Machine Gun Nest to give it a more deadly reach before it can even be engaged by Anti-building infantry.




  • Decreased Movement Speed from 4 to 3.75

  • Shotgunner movement speed has been reduced to match the speed of Riflemen and Grenadiers. We feel this will tune them better on the battlefield.


Flame Tank

Increased Vehicle Burn Damage from 4 to 30

Flame Tanks have been completely helpless when encountering other vehicles.

This season, they will see a massive increase to vehicle burn damage.


Rocket LauncheR

  • Decreased Building Damage from 300 to 200

  • Even with the building damage reduction from last season, Rocket Launchers are being heavily overutilized. We’re giving them one final reduction to their building damage to bring them in line with the balance of other cards.

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