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Season 16 Arrives!

Season Reset

Welcome to Season 16! As with all season resets, the current leaderboard has been frozen and a new seasonal leaderboard begins.

This season we will be adding a new epic feature - War achievements! Through heroic deeds you will be able to collect orders, medals and awards which will bring glory to your profile and stay there forever. Find out more in the upcoming days.

In order to make things even better all players will enter the new season with their ops unlocked at level 1 and will be able to upgrade them to level 5! This will promote a more diverse gameplay and equal battles. Furthermore, there will be no new rotation of the ops and they will remain at the same configuration as they were last season.

All players in Prestige Tiers (Guardian III Tier and above) have been awarded a Prestige Box based on the highest Prestige Tier achieved during the season and their Victory Points have been reset to predefined amounts (as designated on the Tier screen).

The competition begins anew! Rise to the top of the Leaderboards and unlock unreleased cards in the Prestige Tiers!

current Ops:

Rank 1 OPS:

• Armor Plating

• Heroism

• Battalion

• Rank Full Upgrade Reward: 1 Giant Box!


• Blitzkrieg

• Bolster Defenses

• Airborne Division

• Rank Full Upgrade Reward: 6000 Gold!


• Incinerate

• Inspired Tactics

• Reinforce

• Rank Full Upgrade Reward: 1 Veteran Box!


• Rally Troops

• Bomber Fleet

• Barbed Field

• Rank Full Upgrade Reward: 350 Gems!



War Hero

  • Increased Cost from 4 to 5

  • Decreased Building damage from 800 to 500

  • Decreased Building burn damage from 100 to 80


Carpet Bomb

  • Increased Cost from 6 to 7

  • We are increasing the cost of the Carpet Bomb by 1 in order to make sure that it corresponds to the impact it has on the battlefield



  • Increased Health from 5000 to 6000

  • Increased Vehicles damage from 2000 to 2300

  • The Howitzer will see an increase in its health and damage against vehicles. This way we will make sure that the card is good enough to justify its cost and continue tormenting bunkers and heavy vehicles.


Bunker Buster

  • Decreased Building damage from 6000 to 5500

  • Bunker Buster was seen as the ultimate weapon for tactics based decks. Since its damage was too high for a 2 cost card, we are slightly reducing the damage against buildings


Dive Bomb

  • Increased Vehicle damage from 4400 to 5000

  • In the last few seasons Dive Bomb was less efficient against its main target - tanks. Now we are increasing its damage in order to secure one more way to deal with tanks.



  • Increased Damage against troops from 350 to 500

  • Increase Building damage from 350 to 500

  • Increased Area damage from 1050 to 1300

  • Due to its low movement speed and damage the Mortar was in the shadow of other infantry units in the previous season. We are slightly


Flame Tank

  • Increased Vehicle damage from 200 to 500

  • Flame Tanks were a good option against buildings but were heavily lacking damage and sustainability against other tanks. We will be increasing the damage against vehicles in order to be seeing more equal fights between all armored troops this season.

Are you ready for the new season?

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