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Season 17 Arrives!

Season Reset

Welcome to Season 17! As with all season resets, the current leaderboard has been frozen and a new seasonal leaderboard begins.

This season we will be introducing a brand new feature - Conflict of Nations! Players will have the opportunity to show the world how great their nation is by fighting for it along with the top players from their country. The event will be held in two phases - Qualifications and Tournament. During qualifications players will have to get Victory Points and climb higher in the leaderboard for their country. After the qualifications are over, the top 200 players with the most Victory Points from each country will become a part of a National Alliance. When the second stage begins players will have to compete against other countries in order to get the top spot in the leaderboard. The duration of the season will be also changed to 2 months, in order to fit the new event.

We are introducing a change in the battle. Destroying the main base was an overused strategy in the previous season. This season players won’t be able to rush the base. Now they will have to destroy at least one bunker in order to be able to attack the base.

Once again all players will enter the new season with their ops unlocked at level 1 and will be able to upgrade them to level 5! This will promote a more diverse gameplay and equal battles. Furthermore, there will be no rotation of the ops and they will remain at the same configuration as they were last season.

All players in Prestige Tiers (Guardian III Tier and above) have been awarded a Prestige Box based on the highest Prestige Tier achieved during the season and their Victory Points have been reset to predefined amounts (current VP safety points).

The competition begins anew! Rise to the top of the Leaderboards and unlock unreleased cards in the Prestige Tiers!

current Ops:

Rank 1 OPS:

• Armor Plating

• Heroism

• Battalion

• Rank Full Upgrade Reward: 1 Giant Box!


• Blitzkrieg

• Bolster Defenses

• Airborne Division

• Rank Full Upgrade Reward: 6000 Gold!


• Incinerate

• Inspired Tactics

• Reinforce

• Rank Full Upgrade Reward: 1 Veteran Box!


• Rally Troops

• Bomber Fleet

• Barbed Field

• Rank Full Upgrade Reward: 350 Gems!



Dive Bomb

  • Increased Vehicle Damage from 5000 to 6000

  • Since a lot of people are using tanks in their decks we wanted to give those against them a powerful tactic to help them survive the tank invasion.


Bombing Run

  • Increased Vehicle Damage from 500 to 600

  • Bombing Run is also one of the cards which players can use against vehicles, but now we’re giving it a slight boost so it’s even more effective.




  • Increased Heal from 200 to 250

  • We’re increasing the heal of the Medic to make it more valuable and worthy to use in your frontline battles.


Flame Tank

  • Increased Health from 8600 to 9000

  • Flame Tanks were a good option against buildings but were heavily lacking sustainability. We will be increasing their health in order to see more equal fights between all armored troops this season.


Heavy Tank

  • Decreased Damage from 2100 to 1900

  • Decreased Building Damage from 4200 to 3800

  • We’ve seen Heavy Tank being overused due to their ability to destroy everything on their path. This is why we’re decreasing their Building Damage and Overall Damage.



  • Decreased Area Vehicle Damage from 3200 to 3000

  • The commando has been highly effective against tanks. Overshadowing other troops with his anti-vehicle bombs we’re now decreasing the Area vehicle damage that the bombs do


Are you ready for the new season?

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