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Season 21 Arrives

Season Reset

Welcome to Season 21! As with all season resets, the current leaderboard has been frozen and the new season begins, with a new seasonal leaderboard.

All players in Prestige Tiers (Guardian III Tier and above) have been awarded a Prestige Box based on the highest Prestige Tier achieved during the season and their Victory Points have been reset to predefined amounts (as designated on the Tier screen).

The competition begins anew!


Carpet Bomb

• Decreased Building Damage from 1000 to 800;

• Decreased Vehicle Damage from 1500 to 1200;

• Last season Carpet Bomb has been one of the strongest cards used to destroy Buildings and Vehicles, managing to easily clear the whole battlefield. In order to make the battles more tactically rich we are decreasing the Building and Vehicle damage.

Bombing Run

• Decreased Building Damage from 500 to 400;

• Decreased Vehicle Damage from 600 to 550;

• Similar to Carpet Bomb, Bombing Runs’ Building and Vehicle damage have been too powerful, leading to the decrease in both stats for the new season.

Rocket Strike

• Decreased Building Damage from 5000 to 4500;

• Decreased Vehicle Damage from 5000 to 4500;

• Rocket Strike has been dominating the battlefield. The card has proven to be a lot more powerful than intended in the last seasons. Given the huge benefit the Fear effect provides on the battlefield we’re decreasing the Building Damage and Vehicle damage.


• Increased Damage from 2000 to 2400;

• In the last season we’ve seen Sniper being underutilized. That is why we’re increasing its Damage.


• Increasing Damage from 500 to 600;

• The Mortar is an effective unit to clear big groups of vehicles and troops. In the previous season it seemed a bit weak on the battlefield and we decided to give it a little more Damage, so it can withstand the enemy.


• Increased Area Damage from 200 to 250;

• We’ve seen Flamethrowers in battle and thought they were lacking something. This is why we’re giving them a slight ‘boost’ by increasing their Area Damage so that they could be a suitable troop choice.


• Increased cost from 2 to 3;

• The advantage that Paratroopers give players in the early stage of battle seemed a little too big and due to its low cost it could easily change the outcome of the battle. This is why we’re increasing its cost.

Light Tank

• Increased Area Damage from 600 to 900;

• Increased Building Damage from 1200 to 1400;

• The Light Tank has not been a popular option this past season. In order to make it again a valuable choice we’re increasing it’s Area Damage and Building Damage.

Mini Tank

• Increased Building Damage from 70 to 110;

• Increased Vehicle Damage from 50 to 90;

• Mini Tank is one of the Units which have been underutilized. We’re increasing its Building and Vehicle Damage.

Machine Gun Nest

• Increased Damage from 180 to 200;

• Increased Vehicle and Building Damage from 90 to 100;

• The Machine Gun Nest has been shying away from the spotlight. We’re increasing its Building, Vehicle and overall Damage to shine a little light on that card.


• Increased Damage from 60 to 80;

• Increased Vehicle and Building Damage from 30 to 40;

• Pillbox hasn’t had its moment to shine on the battlefield in the past season. This is why we’re increasing its Building, Vehicle and overall Damage.

The Veteran version of all cards that have seen changes will be adjusted accordingly.

Are you ready for the new Season?

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