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Season 24 Arrives

Season Reset

Generals, welcome to season 24! Аs the end of a season calls for grand celebrations of victory, it also means that players, who have reached Prestige Tier Guardian III and above will be rewarded for their hard work on the battlefield with a Prestige Box! The leaderboards have been frozen and the best players have secured their spot at the top positions. The OPS have been reset to level 1 and await your donations. A newly emerged saying “New season - new leaderboard” is enough to describe the start of a new season in Siege: World War II.

Let’s not forget the balance changes as they are an important part of the new season. Let’s dive in!


Watch Tower

• Watch Tower has been part of a wide range of card combinations and strategies this season. As a powerful card that brings havoc onto the battlefield, we’ve decided to decrease it’s Health a bit and increase the supply cost of the card from 3 to 5. We hope this change will balance out the overuse of this card.

• Health decreased from 7000 to 6000

• Cost increased from 3 to 5 supply.

• Duration decreased from 40 to 34 seconds.

Bunker Buster

• The Bunker Buster is one of the most useful tactics which help deal damage to an enemy bunker from a distance. With this said, the card has been a popular choice, and we’ve decided to decrease the Building Damage a bit.

• Building Damage decreased from 5500 to 5000.

• Cost increased from 2 to 3.

Combat Engineer

• Combat Engineers have been troops that are harder to kill and with their ability to repair and fortify buildings they are too powerful. The card will get its Health stat lowered and the Repair amount decreased as well.

• Health decreased from 2000 to 1800.

• Repair decreased from 200 to 160.

Anti-Tank Mines

• The Anti-Tank Mines are one of the tactics that do an amazing job against tanks, but we haven’t seen them a lot lately. To change that we’re increasing the Area Vehicle Damage of the card.

• Area Vehicle Damage increased from 2000 to 2200.


• The Flamethrower troops are a good close combat unit, which does good damage to both vehicles and buildings. However, we thought it could be used to help do better Building Damage, hence why we’re increasing that stat.

• Building Damage increased from 400 to 450.


• Snipers are amazing against far and tough infantry, as they prioritise the unit with the most health. The unit is slightly easier to kill and we think that makes it weaker, as it hasn’t been a popular choice among players. To make it a little bit stronger, we’re increasing its’ Health.

• Health increased from 2400 to 2600.

Barbed Wire

• Barbed wire has always been a great tactic when trying to stop enemy troops from attacking your bunkers or capture points that you’ve overtaken. As the card plays a big role in keeping the enemy away and dealing damage to enemy troops, we’ve decided it’s best that we make this card and its use in game more valuable by increasing its cost.

• Cost increased from 1 to 2

The Veteran version of all cards that have seen changes will be adjusted accordingly.

Are you ready for the new Season?

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