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Season 25 Arrives

Welcome back generals, it is time to celebrate the end of Season 24 and the start of the new Season 25! With the end of the season, the players who fearlessly ran into battle and secured a place at Prestige Tier III and above have been rewarded with a Prestige Box. The leaderboards have been reset and are waiting for your upcoming victories! All OPS have been reset to level 1, so now is the time to be generous and donate your share of OPS to your alliance!

We have listened to your feedback and decided to increase the rewards for maxing your personal and alliance OPS! Don’t forget to upgrade them all!

And now it’s time to go through the most important part of the season reset - the Balance Changes!

Balance Changes


To keep control of a capture point and get armor and help, Fortify is the best card out there. Due to its lack of popularity we’re giving it a slight boost.

  • Armor Added is increased from 40% to 50%


In order to keep your troops alive and reduce casualties, adding the Medic to your deck is the best choice. To make the card more appealing to players, we’re increasing its Area Heal.

  • Area Heal is increased from 250 to 300

Half - Track

What’s better than being punctual, getting somewhere quickly and in style? I guess, causing a bit of trouble in between - Half - Track has been the best card when it comes to this, however once arrived it couldn’t’ survive for long. To make it enjoy the party for a bit longer, we’re increasing its Health.

  • Health increased from 6000 to 6500


Keeping your capture points, bunkers and base from enemy troops is not an easy job. To make it even more secure, we’re increasing the Area Damage of Landmines a bit. No one would dare walk over those Landmines.

  • Area Damage increased from 1300 to 1400


You like playing against enemies with long range cards? Or just like to sneak in a long-range card every once in a while. Don’t worry, we got your back! We’re increasing the damage of Howitzer to make it the piece de resistance against enemy buildings.

  • Building Damage increased from 2400 to 2500

Last Stand

Giving your units the sheer willpower to keep fighting is always important in battle. However when it comes to Last Stand its a card that has been way too powerful.

  • Max Absorbed Damage decreased from 6000 to 5000

  • Duration is decreased from 12,8 seconds to 10 seconds


Giving an adrenaline boost to your units mid-battle can be a fatal decision, which can determine the outcome of the war. To make it less effective, we’re decreasing the Bonus Speed and Duration of Charge.

  • Bonus Speed is decreased from 40% to 30%

  • Duration is decreased from 14 seconds to 10 seconds

White Phosphorus

A little bit of Willie Pete won’t hurt anyone' I beg to differ, White Phosphorus can be lethal and induce panic into enemy troops, giving the attacker a huge advantage. To make it less influential we’re giving it a slight nerf.

  • Damage is decreased from 90 to 80

  • Building Damage is decreased from 90 to 80

  • Vehicle Damage is decreased from 90 to 80

The Veteran version of all cards that have seen changes will be adjusted accordingly.

Ready to march to victory, General?

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