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Season 26 Arrives

Welcome back, Generals, the end of Season 25 has come and Season 26 begins anew! With the end of the season, the players who have secured a place in the Prestige Tier III and above have been rewarded with a Prestige Box. The leaderboards have been reset and are waiting for your upcoming victories! All OPS have been reset to level 1 and are ready for your donations!

This season we are introducing a brand new card - the Drill Sergeant. The Drill Sergeant has been added to Tier 9 and all players at this tier and above have the chance to unlock it and bring it into battle.

And now it’s time to go through the most important part of the season reset - the Balance Changes and the Drill Sergeant!

New Card Added:

Added to Tier 9:

Drill Sergeant:

  • Tactic Card

  • Added to Tier 9

  • Rare rarity

  • Cost 3

  • Mid-Range pistol-wielding sergeant who rallies nearby friendly soldiers, increasing all their damage dealt. The duty of the drill sergeant is to inspire the infantry around him. The soldiers near the drill sergeant will have all their damage output increased.

A Veteran Version of the card will also be available !

Balance Changes

Medium Tank

Medium Tank has not been a prefered choice amongst the tanks. This is why we are increasing its Vehicle and Building Damage: Building Damage increased from 2800 to 3000 Vehicle Damage increased from 2800 to 3000

Heavy Tank The battlefield last season was mainly dominated by other faster and cheaper tanks. To make the heavy tank a valuable choice we are increasing its Building Damage: Building Damage increased from 3800 to 4200

Super-Heavy Tank The Super-Heavy Tank has not been popular during the last season, it could easily trade with other tanks. Even though its 128mm gun can give an advantage, the other damage was lacking. This season we will be adjusting the damage from its smaller gun. Building Damage increased from 1800 to 2200 Vehicle Damage increased from 1800 to 2200

Dive bomb

The Dive bomb is one of the most useful tactics which help deal damage to an enemy vehicle from a distance. With this said, the card has been a popular choice to get rid of approaching enemy vehicles, and we’ve decided to decrease its Vehicle Damage. Vehicle Damage decreased from 6000 to 5500


Pillbox had its moment to shine and it was a very popular choice during last season. It provided great damage and due to the fact that it can be placed on the battlefield instantly it was a game changer. This season we will be adjusting its survivability slightly. Health decreased from 7000 to 6500

White Phosphorus

White phosphorus has been underperforming this season. To make it a prefered pick against infantry again we will be adjusting its damage.

Damage increased from 80 to 100

  • Furthermore we have made a slight adjustments to the range of number of cards so they perform better on the battlefield: Sniper, Shotgunner, Mortar, Commando, War Hero

The Veteran version of all cards that have seen changes will be adjusted accordingly.

Ready to march to victory, General?

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