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Season 27 Arrives

Welcome back, Generals, the end of Season 26 has come and Season 27 begins anew! With the end of the season, the players who have secured a place in the Prestige Tier III and above have been rewarded with a Prestige Box. The leaderboards have been reset and are waiting for your upcoming victories! All OPS have been reset to level 1 and are ready for your donations!

With this new season we are introducing a brand new card - Blast Mines.

The Blast Mines have been added to Tier 5 and all players at this tier and above have the chance to unlock it and bring it into battle.

And now it’s time to go through the most important part of the season reset - the Balance Changes and the Drill Sergeant!

New Card Added:

Added to Tier 5:

Blast Mines:

  • Tactic Card

  • Added to Tier 5

  • Uncommon rarity

  • Cost 3

  • Places 12 mines on the field, which deal damage to both infantry and tanks and slows them.

The blast mines are there to protect you and give you a bit more reaction time during battle.

A Veteran Version of the card will also be available !

Balance Changes


Mortar hasn’t been amongst the popular choices through this last season. We felt the card had more to offer on the battlefield, so we’re increasing its’ Health.

Health increased from 1500 to 2000

Rocket Battery Rocket Battery has been shying away from the spotlight for quite some time now. To give it a better chance to shine we’re increasing its’ Area Damage Area Damage increased from 150 to 300

Bombing Run Bombing Run hasn’t been a favourite amongst our players, similar to Mortar the card hasn’t been used as much through the last season. To give it a slight boost, we’re raising its Vehicle Damage. Vehicle Damage increased from 550 to 600


The Mechanic has been underperforming this season. Given how easy it is to kill, we’ve decided its’ best to give the mechanic a slight boost to its’ Health stat. Health increased from 2000 to 2500


To give the Commando a higher pick rate, we’re increasing it’s Area Vehicle Damage making the card a nice pick against enemy tanks. Area Vehicle Damage increased from 3000 to 3200

Radio Operator

Calling air strikes on your enemies might be a very powerful move, however it won’t be if your Radio Operator dies before making it to the designated location. To make sure the troop gets to reach its location, we’re amping up its’ Health.

Health increased from 3000 to 3500

Super Heavy Tank

Even after the last seasons’ buff, we felt that Super Heavy Tank wasn’t really performing like it should be. We’ve decided to increase both Building and Vehicle Damage of the card.

Building Damage increased from 2200 to 2400

Vehicle Damage increased from 2200 to 2400

The Veteran version of all cards that have seen changes will be adjusted accordingly.

Ready to march to victory, General?

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