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Season 30 Arrives!

Welcome back, Generals! This video marks the beginning of the 30-th season in Siege:World War II! Congratulations for all the good work to all players, who reached Prestige Tier Guardian III and above! Your rewards await you! The leaderboards have been reset and you can now once again dive into battle!

From the beginning of this season the Alliance box will have 10 new additional levels giving even better rewards. Your alliance will need to have a minimum VP in order to unlock some of the levels. The Alliance box will now begin with the daily medals’ reset.

This season, our battlefield will welcome a new card - the Rocket Launching Vehicle!

New Card Added:

Added to Tier 4:

Rocket Launching Vehicle:

  • Troop Card

  • Added to Tier 4

  • Common Rarity

  • Cost 4 Supply

  • The rocket launching vehicle launches a number of missiles that deal area damage from a great range. It can be used against vehicles and buildings.

The vehicle is an amazing new card, which will change the battle dynamics a bit. It will be an exciting new season to watch.

A Veteran Version of the card will also be available!

Balance Changes

  • Тhe Tracked Mines will now be getting a bonus from Tank Plant and Munition Building from the personal and alliance bases. The troop will get the bonuses as a vehicle unit.

  • Tank Destroyer

The Tank Destroyer seemed a little too powerful against vehicles, to make it more balanced we’re reducing its Vehicle Damage.

Vehicle Damage decreased from 6000 to 5800.

  • White Phosphorus

The performance of White Phosphorus on the battlefield has been a bit unbalanced, to fix this we’re slightly decreasing the Burn Damage of the card.

Burn Damage decreased from 100 to 90

  • Ammo Drop

Other than the damage buff that it gives, Ammo drop can also be used as a target and can successfully buy you some time in battle. To ensure the card is used for its’ buff primarily we’re lowering its’ Health stat.

Health decreased from 4000 to 3900

  • Super-Heavy Tank

Тhe Super-Heavy Tank has been the star of last season, as the change in its movement speed gave it a strong advantage. This season we’re slightly lowering that Movement Speed stat, in hopes that we will be able to find a middle ground for how impactful this card can be in battle.

Movement Speed decreased from 3 to 2,70

  • Artillery Barrage Artillery Barrage, opposite of the Super-Heavy Tank, has been shying away from the spotlight. To make the card even more useful in battle, we’re increasing its’ Damage and giving a slight boost to its’ Building Damage stat as well.

Damage increased from 400 to 450

Building Damage increased from 750 to 800

  • Rocket Battery Rocket Battery has been another card, which hasn’t been part of many players’ decks. To change this we’re increasing the Area Damage and Vehicle Damage of the card.

Area Damage increased from 300 to 500

Vehicle Damage increased from 1000 to 1500

  • Light Tank

Light Tank is also receiving a slight boost, this is to ensure it is a bit stronger against other vehicles. We’re increasing its’ Vehicle Damage.

Vehicle Damage increased from 1200 to 1400

The Veteran version of all cards that have seen changes will be adjusted accordingly.

Ready for battle, Generals?

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