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Season 31 Arrives!

Welcome back, Generals! Today, we mark the beginning of the 31-st season in Siege:World War II! Congratulations for all the good work to all players, who reached Prestige Tier Guardian III and above! Your rewards await you! The leaderboards have been reset and you can now once again dive into battle!

This season we’re doing some buffs to the following OPs - Armor Plating, Reinforce, Rally Troops, Bolster Defenses, Heroism, Incinerate, Blitzkrieg, Bomber Fleet and Airborne Division. All OPS have been reset and this season we have switched some of them around, to make for more diverse and interesting game choices. Donate OPS points to upgrade them and bring your A-game to the battlefront!

OPS Rotation:

Rank 1 OPS:

  • Bolster Defenses

  • Blitzkrieg

  • Inspired Tactics

Rank 2 OPS:

  • Heroism

  • Airborne Division

  • Barbed Field

Rank 3 OPS:

  • Rally Troops

  • Bomber Fleet

  • Battalion

Alliance OPS:

  • Armor Plating

  • Reinforce

  • Incinerate

This season, our battlefield will welcome a new card - Decoy!

New Card Added:

Added to Tier 3:


  • Tactic Card

  • Added to Tier 3

  • Common Rarity

  • Cost 2 Supply

  • You place a decoy tank on the battlefield, which taunts enemies within its’ range, forcing them to prioritize it as a target.

The decoy is a very interesting new card, which can play a big role on the battlefield.

A Veteran Version of the card will also be available!

Balance Changes

  • Rocket Launching Vehicle

The Rocket Launching Vehicle has been the star of this season, dominating the battlefield. Seeing how destructive it can be, we’ve decided to lower its Area Damage.

Area Damage decreased from 200 to 175.

  • Military Motorcycle

The Military Motorcycle, opposite of the Rocket Launching Vehicle, hasn't been a popular choice amongst players. To increase its usability on the battlefield, we’re increasing its’ Damage and Building Damage stats, as well as its’ Vehicle Damage stat.

Damage increased from 150 to 180

Building Damage increased from 150 to 180

Vehicle Damage increased from 100 to 150

  • Drill Sergeant

The Drill Sergeant is famous on the battlefield for its damage buff to nearby allies. We’re increasing its Health stat. To make the card even more popular we’re also increasing its Effect Radius and the Damage Bonus it gives.

Health increased from 4500 to 4800

Effect Radius increased from 6 to 8

Damage Bonus increased from 20% to 30%

  • Pillbox

Pillbox has been part of the frontline this past season, especially in the first few minutes of a battle. To address this we’re decreasing its Starting Armor stat.

Starting Armor decreased from 100% to 75%

  • Mortar

Mortar troops have not only big range, but they can also be quite hard to kill on the battlefield. To compensate for their range, we’re slightly decreasing their Health.

Health decreased from 2000 to 1750

  • Tracked Mine

Opposite of Mortar, the Tracked Mines need to get as close as possible to their target in order to inflict a great amount of damage. To give them a better chance to accomplish this goal, we’re increasing their Health stat.

Health increased from 2500 to 3000

  • Machine Gun Nest

Machine Gun Nest has been one of the popular cards for this past season. Due to its tankiness and high damage output, we’ve decided to lower its Health, in order to balance it.

Health decreased from 8000 to 7500

  • Rocket Battery

The Rocket Battery has been underperforming as a defense tactic, which can only be used on bunkers. We felt that it was too weak, this is why we’re increasing its Vehicle Damage.

Vehicle Damage increased from 1500 to 1900

The Veteran version of all cards that have seen changes will be adjusted accordingly.

Ready for battle, Generals?

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