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Season 32 Arrives!

Welcome back, Generals! Today, we mark the end of season 31, but also the start of the 32-nd season in Siege:World War II! Congratulations to all the players, who reached Prestige Tier Guardian III and above! Your rewards await you! The leaderboards have been reset and you can now once again dive into battle!

All OPS have been reset and this season we have switched some of them around, to make for more diverse and interesting game choices. You can donate towards upgrading them from the OPs menu!

OPS Rotation:

Rank 1 OPS:

  • Heroism

  • Armor Plating

  • Battalion

Rank 2 OPS:

  • Reinforce

  • Rally Troops

  • Inspired Tactics

Rank 3 OPS:

  • Bolster Defenses

  • Incinerate

  • Barbed Field

Alliance OPS:

  • Blitzkrieg

  • Airborne Division

  • Bomber Fleet

This season, our battlefield will welcome a new card - Propaganda!

New Card Added:

Added to Tier 8:


  • Tactic Card

  • Added to Tier 8

  • Rare Rarity

  • Cost 6 Supply

  • Choose an area to drop propaganda leaflets and turn enemy infantry on your side for a short duration. The card also has a chance to turn enemy vehicles on your side.

The Propaganda is a very powerful tactic card, especially when used at the right moment on the battlefield.

A Veteran Version of the card will also be available!

Balance Changes

• Artillery Barrage

The first card in our balance list is Artillery Barrage. The card hasn’t been a player favorite, to change that we’re increasing three of its stats.

Damage increased from 450 to 700.

Building Damage increased from 800 to 1000.

Vehicle Damage increased from 800 to 1000.


The Sniper, similar to Artillery Barrage, has been shying away from the spotlight. To give the card a bit more heat and bring it back on the players radars we’re increasing its Damage stat.

Damage increased from 2400 to 2600.

• Commando

The Commando has been a great card to use to advance into enemy territory and deal some good damage. The card, however, has been a bit too tanky for the purpose it has on the battlefield, to correct this we’re slightly lowering its Health.

Health decreased from 4800 to 4500

• Tank Destroyer

The Tank Destroyer annihilates enemy armored vehicles on the battlefield. To balance the card we’re slightly decreasing its Vehicle Damage stat.

Vehicle Damage decreased from 5800 to 5600.

• White Phosphorus

White Phosphorus is an amazing tactic card, which can be pretty versatile in its use, as it can inflict damage on troops, vehicles and also buildings. To further boost its use against troops, we’re slightly increasing the Burn Damage that the card has.

Burn Damage increased from 90 to 120.

• Blast Mines

The Blast Mines are a perfect choice when it comes to dealing with enemy troops, as it not only deals damage to them but also slows them down. However, it felt like the card was lacking when it came to performance on the battlefield. To fix this we’re increasing its Damage and Area Vehicle Damage stats.

Damage increased from 800 to 900

Area Vehicle Damage increased from 1700 to 1800.

• AT Gunner

AT Gunner card can be used against troops, buildings and most importantly - vehicles, due to their Special ability to launch an anti-tank grenade. The card has been very effective on the battlefield in past seasons, to bring it to its former glory we’re doing a slight buff to its Health and Area Vehicle Damage stats.

Health increased from 1000 to 1200

Area Vehicle Damage increased from 1300 to 1500

• Rocket Battery

After recent changes the Rocket Battery has been a dominant force on the battlefield. This is why we’re slightly decreasing the Vehicle Damage of the card, in order to make it a bit more balanced.

Vehicle Damage decreased from 1900 to 1700

The Veteran version of all cards that have seen changes will be adjusted accordingly.

Ready to prove your strength on the battlefield, Generals?

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