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Season 7 Arrives!

Updated: Apr 4, 2019


Battlefield Visual Overhauls:

Some Battlefields have been updated with enhanced visuals and increased destruction!


Season Reset:

Welcome to Season 7! As with all season resets, the current leaderboard has been frozen and a new seasonal leaderboard begins.

All ops are locked again, but all unspent Op points will roll over this season! Bonus Op Points based on the Prestige Tier you achieved during the last season have been awarded.

Certain Ops have been cycled in and out, with new Ops replacing some old Ops (which may return in the future). Op rank requirements and rank rewards have been updated.

A brand new card has been added to the Legend Tier. Each of the cards currently available in Prestige Tiers have dropped down one Tier: Legend into Conqueror, Conqueror into Guardian, and Guardian into its designated unlock point in the lower Tiers.

All players in Prestige Tiers (Guardian III Tier and above) have been awarded a Prestige Box based on the highest Prestige Tier achieved during the season and their Victory Points have been reset to predefined amounts (as designated on the Tier screen).

Then the competition begins anew! Rise to the top of the leaderboards and unlock unreleased cards in the Prestige Tiers!


New Cards Added:

Added to Legend Tier:

Watch Tower

  • Tactics Card

  • Added to Legend Tier

  • Will unlock at Tier 4

  • Rare rarity

  • Cost 4

  • Attaches a machine gun equipped Watch Tower to the forward capture point, expanding the marching front territory.


Ops Rotation:

Rank 1 OPS:

  • Bomber Fleet

  • Inspired Tactics

  • Reinforce

  • Rank Full Upgrade Reward: 200 Gems!


  • Bolster Defenses

  • Rally Troops

  • Incinerate

  • Rank Full Upgrade Reward: 150 Universal Uncommon Cards!


  • Call to Arms

  • Battalion

  • Russian Winter

  • Rank Full Upgrade Reward: 1 Giant Box!


  • Armor Plating

  • Blitzkrieg

  • Airborne Division

  • Rank Full Upgrade Reward: 7500 Gold!




Radio Tower

  • Radio Tower will now always be the last card in your deck. This will prevent players from gaining a significant, uncounterable supply advantage at the beginning of a match.


  • Decreased Health from 12000 to 6000

  • Decreased Infantry damage from 1500 to 1250

  • Decreased Building damage from 3000 to 2500

  • Decreased Vehicle damage from 3000 to 2500

  • The Howitzer’s health was much too high to counter and dealt too much damage if left unchecked.

White Phosphorus

  • Decreased persistent burn radius from 4 to 2

  • White Phosphorus was hitting too many units with its wide damage-over-time burning effect. The burn line will now be half as wide.

Last Stand

  • Decreased radius from 6 to 4

  • Last Stand was still too effective at higher levels so its radius has been heavily decreased, making less units invulnerable when used.

Carpet Bomb

  • Decreased supply cost from 7 to 6

  • Generally only used when at a tactical disadvantage, Carpet Bomb did not leave you with enough supply to counter-push after being played.


  • Increased armor gained from 30% to 40%

  • Decreased supply cost from 3 to 2

  • Fortify still did not provide enough armor to units in capture points to justify its cost, so we’ve added extra armor and decreased its cost.

Rocket Battery

  • Increased range from 18 to 21

  • In certain circumstances, Rocket Battery would be out-ranged by the Tank Destroyer. We’ve given Rocket Battery a range buff to compensate.

Land Mines

  • Land mines will now properly detonate when Medics enter their vicinity.


  • Decreased the damage radius of each shot from 4 to 2

  • The damage radius of each shot on artillery barrage was killing units far outside of its intended radius. We have corrected this.



  • Increased Health from 3000 to 3300

  • Flamethrowers will now benefit from a little extra health this season, keeping them sustained longer on the front line.



  • The Clan Leader can now add Auto-kick Immunity to specific clan members through their Player Profile page.

  • New Clan 7 Day Stats view for members to show participation in Battles, Donations, Clan Ops and Clan Chest

  • Clan chat will now display much fewer “completed” donation requests.

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