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Veteran Cards Have Arrived!

What are Veteran Cards and how do they work?

The new Veteran Cards specialize in different aspects and have higher stats value than the normal version. Players will have a chance to unlock them if they have upgraded the normal version of the card to level 15. However, players won’t be able to include both Normal and Veteran version of the same card in their deck.This will promote a more diverse gameplay with decks formed from either Normal or Veteran Cards.

Which Veteran Cards will be available with this update?

With this update we will introduce the first 5 available Veteran cards :

  • Ammo Drop - The veteran version has increased health and duration , and it also has greater Damage Bonus and Effect Radius.

  • Medic - The Veteran Medic spawns 3 units compared to the normal spawn count of 2. And it also has increased health.

  • Charge - The Veteran version has increased Duration and a massive upgrade to the bonus speed it gives.

  • Mortar - The veteran Mortar has a 2 seconds attack speed , compared to the normal 3 seconds attack speed and also sees an increase in Damage caused on buildings.

  • White Phosphorus - The Veteran version has increased Burn damage, Burn Damage caused to buildings and Vehicle burn damage. On top of that it also has longer Burn Duration.

Are you ready for the new battles ?

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