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What is Alliance Wars?

Alliance Wars is a recurring event in which two Alliances compete against each other. Players from each Alliance collect medals by playing games in standard Battle Mode. Each medal is added to the current Alliance War score. Matchmaking remains as it is - players will be matched with random enemies and not specifically players from the opposing alliance. The winning Alliance gets to claim a reward at the end of each war, so gather your forces and prepare for Battle !

In order to participate:

  • You have to be participating in an alliance

  • The alliance must consist of more than one player

  • You must be in an Alliance before the war starts in order to collect a reward at the end, in case your Alliance wins. You must stay in the alliance until the war is over. If you leave the Alliance during the war, or after an opponent has been determined, you won’t be eligible for reward. Also, if you join an alliance during the war, your medals won’t be counted towards the contribution for the current war.

*If for any reason you would like to change your Alliance, we advise that you do it during Stage 3 of the war, in order to avoid cases where you won’t be eligible for rewards. *

How does it work?

Alliances are matched against each other on random days. There is no schedule defining when you will be in war. However, all Alliances will have an equal number of wars over a given period of time. Be prepared in every single moment because it is War time. No one is safe!

The War has 3 stages:

Stage 1 - Preparation

In this stage your Alliance will get matched against a worthy opponent. Each player will be able to see who the opponent is and how much time is left for preparation. The preparation stage lasts 24 hours.

Stage 2 - War

In this second stage, players from the Alliances have to do their best to collect as many medals as possible. This is done by playing against random players in Standard Battle Mode. There are no changes regarding the matchmaking during the war. The war lasts for 24 hours.

Stage 3 - Reward

After the 24-hour War phase, the Alliance who collected more medals wins. The players who contributed in the War phase will get to claim a War Winner Box. The content of the War Winner Box is based on your current Tier. Players have 24 hours to claim their reward.

In the case of a draw, there is no winner and both Alliances leave the War with no reward.

Important: Alliances are matched against each other on random days. There is no schedule defining when your alliance will be in war.

Winter may be gone, but the war is just about to begin! Brace yourselves because your Alliance needs You!

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